We live in a society where, there are certain rules and theories which are being followed by people since a very long time. Even though times have changed, we have completed 1/5th of the 21st century, the thought processes of Gen – X and Millennials are not that evolved in comparison to the Gen – Z generation.

Let us first understand the meaning of these terms. The existing generations are categorized into:

  • The Silent Generation: Born from 1928-1945
  • Baby Boomers: Born from 1946-1964
  • Gen – X: Born from 1965–1980
  • Millennials: Born from 1981–1995
  • Gen – Z: Born from 1996–2010
  • Generation Alpha: Born from 2011–2025

Each generation is unique. Having grown up during the rise of the internet, Gen Z has a distinctive mindset. The purpose of this blog is to basically outline certain aspects of life from a Gen – Z perspective. I, being a Gen Z, personally believe that we should upgrade ourselves as well as our thinking process over a period of time.


When you enter your 20s, people around you begin to drop suggestions about marriage, directly or indirectly. Family members, relatives or sometimes even friends for that matter, irrespective of what you want, they pester you about getting married. Along with that, the existing stigmas in the Indian Society make it even more complicated. My question is, why to make decisions and conclusions or control the thought process of other people?

According to me, a person should get married only when he/she is ready for that transition in life. You can’t force someone or push them to do something for which they are not ready, physically, and emotionally. Whether you want to get married at 20, 25, 30 or maybe you don’t even want to marry anyone, it is completely your discretion. In the 21st century, there should be no bias between arranged or love marriage. You should be free to choose whichever way you want to find your partner.

Even though we say that India is progressing towards a better tomorrow, forced marriages still plagues many Indian families and society as a whole. Just because it has been a tradition in your family to have an arrange marriage or to get married before 25, does not imply you have to agree to it.


Here is the truth: Some people are going to judge you no matter what you wear. Your friends and family understand your personality and love you for all your quirks, but strangers judge you by your outfit because they only have that much information about you as they brush past you on the sidewalk. So, you should dress up for yourself. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, be it a mini skirt, bodycon dress, colorful pieces, bikini tops or crop tops OR jeans, blazer, saree etc., wear according to your mood and liking.

People criticize boys for wearing colorful or funky clothes. Take Ranveer Singh for example. The kind of clothes he wears, they are so unique and cool. Not everyone can pull off such outfits. And at the same time, not everyone is bound to wear those funky fashionable clothes. Another example, Komal Pandey, the iconic fashion influencer. The amount of hate she gets for wearing revealing or short clothes is outrageous. It’s her preference and her fashion idea to wear such outfits and create content. She looks gorgeous in every outfit she creates, and again, it all comes down to the choice you make for yourself.

Also, your safety does not entirely depend on the type of clothes you wear. The stigma to not wear short clothes is mainly derived by people from this notion, which is absolutely incorrect. Mocking someone just because they are wearing short clothes or clothes which are different from the so-called “norms set by the society” is absurd. Fashion is evolving with time. There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion or dressing up.


Friendships can enrich your life in many ways. Good friends teach you about yourself and challenge you to be better. They encourage you to keep going when times get tough and celebrate your successes with you. So clearly friendship is not gender biased. You can have that comforting friendship with a girl or a boy.

When people of the opposite gender are friends, the first judgement that cracks up is – they must be dating, or they will probably date in the future. NO! that is not how it goes every time. You can be JUST FRIENDS with someone of the opposite gender too. I have male friends with no weird or extra agendas. I feel happy and safe in their company, and this is exactly what real friendship is.

I have seen some parents scolding their kids for having friends of the opposite gender and telling them not to talk to them or hang out with them. It’s a very silly logic. Males and females are a part of this planet. You are going to get that exposure of talking to different people irrespective who you are. So why to stop anyone from interacting with either the same or opposite gender. Let us normalize these ongoing stigmas in the society. The thought process behind these theories is outdated, let’s be flexible and not rigid.


Honestly, some people are so obsessed with associating beauty with fairer skin, that they fail to understand that beauty should never be linked with superficiality. We are so plagued by this idea of lighter skin, that we tend to forget what impact it is having on young boys and girls. It’s not only making them conscious, but it’s also making them hide, in the closet of insecurities and uncertainties.

The sad part is, in the Indian Society it all begins with the close people around you. They either joke or tell you seriously about “The So-Called Flaws” in your skin and body.

  • If you have a dark skin tone, people will come and tell you that you won’t find a partner because your colour is dark and recommend all sorts of home remedies to change your skin tone. Skin tone is not a piece of wall which can change colors by applying creams or home remedies. Whether you are fair, wheatish or dark, embrace yourself and don’t let anyone else pull you down. You are perfect just the way you are.
  • If you have a thin body type, people will recommend you to eat more even when you have a perfect diet intake and make you feel terrible about your body. Similarly, if you are plump, people will constantly tell you to eat less or make fun of you. And if a person is somewhere in between thin and plump, some other judgement criteria is thrown at you. Have you ever thought about how uncertain and insecure a person becomes when we demean them continuously on the basis of their body? Just remember, every body type is different. Every human is different. People will judge you no matter how you look. Be yourself and accept yourself the way you are.


There are certain stereotypes that cause a lot of detriment like: ‘boys don’t cry’, ‘girls are too emotional’, ‘it’s not good to show your emotions, etc. Some people wrongly believe that, if it’s possible to avoid crying, that’s the best thing. Crying or feeling your emotions is definitely not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it’s even been said that you have to be strong to cry.

Throughout our life, we experience moments that make us feel emotional. Whether it was experiencing a bad day or a bad moment in the day, not being successful at something that you worked hard on, going through personal challenges, or losing someone that you love. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to express how you feel and let your emotions out irrespective whether you are male or a female. We all know that it’s good to express happiness and joy whenever a positive situation occurs.

It’s okay to do the same when things are not going well because letting those emotions out rather than wearing a mask to cover up the negative feelings that your having will help you to grow mentally stronger. Never fear that emotional expression is a sign of weakness, see it as a strength that can help you recover, grow, and move forward with life.

One of the skills we all should work on is the ability to be flexible. To be adaptable. Because as Heraclitus said, “The only constant is change.”

Love, KG


  1. Rohan Choudhri
    3 March 2022

    intresting ……..very well written

  2. Vineeta Gupta
    1 March 2022

    Crossing over the stereotypical and cliched ways will only make the Earth a better place to live.
    Beautifully articulated and so well written ♥️

  3. Rashika Swarup
    1 March 2022

    You have explained each and every point so beautifully ❤ I just love to read your blogs. keep it up. 👌

  4. Tanya Jain
    1 March 2022

    So beautifully written my love! How you explained every parameter is so commendable. It’s high time that people start acknowledging the points you discussed above. You go girl✨😘♥️🌈🧿

  5. Damon
    1 March 2022

    Love this blog so much Ma’am, its a perfectt blogg

  6. Chirag
    1 March 2022

    Loved the blog so much 💯

  7. RRG
    1 March 2022

    Well articulated. Please do write about Gen X as well.

  8. Ateedeep Singh
    1 March 2022

    Well written! waiting for the day when these things will be consider as normal rather than gossips or defaming for others!
    I must say that the quality of your blogs are so top notch!❤️

  9. Umang Sharma
    1 March 2022

    Wow….this is sooo beautiful written and on point 💫

  10. Kashish
    1 March 2022

    Everyone is perfect just the way they are. Love this point and the way you explained it

  11. Dhruv
    1 March 2022

    You nailed it like always 🔥❤️

  12. Ananya
    1 March 2022

    Di please write part 2 of this one. It was so motivating to read

  13. Yashika
    1 March 2022

    So well written. The point you have mentioned about friendship is so accurate

  14. Jhanvi Sharma
    1 March 2022

    I wish people could genuinely understand and acknowledge all the points that you have mentioned. Well written kalyani di ❤️❤️


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