The most valuable secret for confidence is simply to be true to yourself and be grateful for your uniqueness. This is the case for dressing as well. Instead of trying to imitate what’s trendy or someone else’s style, know what you like and feel comfortable in.

While some people feel confident in every single outfit they slip into, others find that feeling of being comfortable with their appearance a little tougher to accomplish. It is common to struggle to feel great all the time, and fashion is one area that a lot of people find it difficult to feel competent or love how they look. A lot of people also find trying on new styles of clothing challenging because they fear what other people might think about them and pass negative judgement. This can have a big impact on your relationship with fashion and your wardrobe which can be difficult to overcome.

To overcome the feeling of being underconfident, hesitating while dressing up the way you want to or doubting whether you can pull off an outfit or no, read the below points and try to understand the indepth meaning:


When you feel good about yourself, you’ll be able to put the best version of yourself out into the world. Sometimes all it takes is a great outfit to give you the confidence to get up and do something productive. When it comes to choosing clothing, it’s all about the fit and how it makes you feel when you’re wearing it. What are the parts of your body that you love the most. Maybe you have great shoulders or biceps that go well with skinny t-shirts or long legs that look great in skirts. Highlight what you love most about yourself.

This can help in improving your body image as well. Certain pieces can make you feel and appear chicer and classier, like for girls, swap out your sweater for a blazer and blouse or wear a beautifully tailored pair of trousers instead of jeans when you want to feel more stylish or just add a cute necklace to your jeans and tee. For boys, you can try styling your shirt with jeans and a cool pair of sneakers or layer up your shirts and t-shirts to make it look classy with minimal effort or add certain accessories to elevate a simple outfit instantly. It really is all about how it makes YOU feel and how comfortable you are!


Once you have identified your favorite things about your body, learn how to dress to showcase your body type. For example: what style of denim looks best on you, high waist or mid waist, black denims or blue denims, ripped or normal. It may sound crazy but dressing in a way that flatters your body and gives you confidence can make you more mindful.

When you stand in front of the mirror, what do you focus on? Probably you lean in close and ponder over a flaw in your body that you don’t love, those lines around your eyes, blotchy cheeks, or your tummy fat. It’s time to ditch this way of thinking because I believe that your body is more beautiful than you give it credit for. We tend to judge our skin and body too harshly for many reasons, but the main one is the standard of beauty preached by the society. It shows you that there’s only one kind of body for everyone. However, those features aren’t a reality always.

Embrace those parts of your physical appearance that you love and accept that none of us are perfect, even those who appear so on a magazine cover. And, chances are, no one else is even noticing the features you take issue with on yourself. The things that you believe are your flaws can be the things that someone else may love about you.


The next time someone compliments you, instead of deflecting or downplaying their compliment, focus on receiving it honestly. Simply thank the person. Self-deprecation about your physical appearance or otherwise, around your friends or family can be a common defence mechanism if you’re feeling low on self-esteem or less than great about your physical appearance. It can feel safer to put yourself down before someone else has the chance to. But talking negatively to yourself, inside or outside of your head, contributes to a negative image about yourself. It also opens the door for others to speak to you as negatively as you speak to yourself.

Learning how to graciously accept compliments is just as important as learning how to give them. After all, denying a compliment is another way of telling someone that they’re wrong or that their opinion or perspective is wrong, which is kind of rude if you think about it. It’s like refusing to accept a gift from someone.


Judging someone on appearance is not ok. Doesn’t matter if its height, weight, skin tone, or clothing style. For you to learn to love your body, you need to stop judging other people based on these factors. When you criticize another person’s dressing style or their body type, you send the message both to them and to yourself that bodies are a valid measure of a person’s value. Quit doing that!

I’m not saying that everyone is judgmental, but a handful of people are. That’s the harsh truth. Often, it comes down to the way one looks or dresses. It’s going to be a lot harder, if not impossible, to change opinions on people’s perception. You deserve to be loved and accepted in your exact body. So does everyone else.


It’s normal to find yourself thinking life would be easier if only you looked a bit more like the people you follow on social media. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy or harmless. It’s human nature to compare. People have always compared the way they look to their friends, to what they see in magazines, and what they see on TV. The difference is, we now have the internet and social media stuffing hot bods in our face all day long. There is no let-up and as a result, we become trapped in a constant cycle of worrying that we don’t look as good as the people we see online. Unsurprisingly this leaves us feeling pretty crappy.

Those glamorous looking celebrities and influencers you follow on Instagram, you might think they’re harmless to scroll by, but the reality is that exposure to media featuring unrealistic body types is linked to lower body image. Take control of what images and messages you allow into your brain. Unfollow the people (even the ones that you know personally) who make you feel bad about your body or clothing style.

The way you choose to think and speak about yourself, IS A CHOICE! You may have spent your whole life talking about yourself in a negative way, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue that path.

Love, KG


  1. Meeta
    3 August 2022

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    2 August 2022

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    Proud of you and eagerly waiting for part 2 🙈❤️

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    2 August 2022

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    2 August 2022

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